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Family Practitioners and

Orthopedic Surgeons


We would like to invite you to be part of our nationwide study to illustrate the efficacy of Neuro Therapy, demonstrate the impact Neuro Therapy will have on lowering health care costs and improving patient care. Participating in the study requires no investment or time on your part. It will seamlessly fit into your practice and create significant new revenue for you since we will pay you to collect data, which will take your staff about 5 minutes p

er patient, once per week. 

  • Every patient, with the exception of a patient with implanted cardiac devices, blood clots, or who are pregnant, is a great candidate for the Neuro Therapy Study. Here is how the program works and how it impacts your revenue. You agree to provide a minimum of 100 patients for the study. You will write a script for all patients you believe can benefit from the study and financially qualify to see if it can help them.​

We will supply you with a letter of medical necessity for your signature and a check list of items needed from your billing staff for US to bill the equipment and disposables. We will contact the patient’s insurance provider to determine benefits. We will contact each patient and answer all their questions as well as get a confirmation of financial responsibility. This completely isolates you and your staff from the financial responsibility conversation. The patient understands they will pay $750.00 prior to shipping.

If insurance covers the cost of the technology the patient will receive a refund If the patient is a work comp or auto patient there is no money required prior to shipping and no financial obligation. We will supply the equipment and disposables to the patient and bill insurance. The financial risk is all ours. You have no financial risk. We will have the patient schedule and come to your office once a week for 4 weeks.

This visit will be for an evaluation of results and to educate the patient on how to use the equipment over the next week. We will supply your staff person with the weekly protocol. If the patient is in a rural area and it is not convenient for patient to come to your office, the evaluation can be done over the phone.

The codes for telehealth are GT 99202-99215 depending on the amount of time you use from as little as 10 minutes to 45 minutes. You will bill the patients insurance for the office visit and any other service you feel the patient needs.

We will pay you $25.00 to collect the weekly study data. We will pay you $50.00 to collect the weekly study data for all Workers Compensation patients. With a study of 100 patients we would pay you $15,000.00 minimum and for Workers Compensation patients the minimum would be $30,000.00


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